To decrypt or not to encrypt

As someone with a computer science background I have some insight on the issue of network, internet and data security and therefore hold the intellectual capacity to talk on this matter, although I believe that there is still a great deal I can learn about regarding this topic, let’s dig in.

The last 16 to 18 months has been really bad for internet and data security; and of course a nightmare for western intelligence agencies, I won’t go into detail but let’s just say that there’s been a lot of hacking, eavesdropping and finger pointing. This from an African point of view could mean one of two things, our decision makers may pull “security” card when new systems and web-related projects are proposed, this could set us back again-again; the other scenario, also one that could threaten to deter Africa’s technological betterment is the element of espionage, but that’s another story on its own.

The question here is, can we really afford to slow down development due to fears of data integrity? I hope not. I see technology as a way forward for developing countries, not only for the sake of trade and commerce but for that of public administration and government! So let’s join fibre optic hands in harmony and develop, never mind the hackers, simply invest more into security and take encryption seriously.

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