Emo for your mobi

Our gadgets are starting to mean so much more to us now than they would have a few years back, I’ve put some thought into it and in my opinion there can only be one true definitive factor to this new found emotional attachment we have on our mobile phones, tablets and personal computers.


Internet! It’s no secret that internet (connectivity) is getting faster and faster for the end user. This, coupled with reduced fees and enhanced infrastructure invested in by ISPs and telecoms around the world and especially in Africa is a major factor to the way we feel about our gadgets. The ability to search the internet right from your mobile is convenient, but taking it further — the ability to integrate aspects of your life with your device THROUGH the internet is absolutely amazing! There is a long list of individuals and corporations we need to thank for this ability but if I was to mention a few it would have to be Google Inc. for one for their ongoing commitment to making internet faster and more usable, I’m not just talking about search, I mean Google Maps, Gmail, Google Apps, Google Chrome, Google Translate and of course YouTube. I must mention Microsoft Corporation, the sheer mass of innovation and investment of Microsoft has contributed to the betterment of the internet and Internet services is immeasurable, not forgetting that this is the company behind Windows and IE (Internet Explorer).


The internet the main factor to our mobimotion revolution but we cannot disregard Innovation! Mobile device manufacturers are pushing the envelope with their smartphones and these innovations are driving different kinds if emotions towards the hardware. Popular innovations such as iPhone 5S for its biometric security feature, Siri for the remarkable reliability and ease of use, Galaxy S4’s cleaver use of on board sensors turn the phone into a super smart phone which makes doing tasks a pleasure. It’s hard to ignore this but the more you use your mobile device the more you become emotionally attached to it, this could be to the brand “Samsung Galaxy”, “HTC One” or “Apple iPhone” or the actual device but it’s happening and we need to embrace it and take advantage of the many possibilities thereof.

Global internet underwater cable network (image) – http://imranaqueeldaultana.wordpress.com/2011/12/05/global-internet-underwater-cable-network/