Video Review: What I Know, by Malkovich

Got a heads up from a follower about a video by Malkovich ft Sum, called “What I Know” from the album Great Expectations.

First impression of the song was a good one. If mellow vocals and chilled out beats float your boat, then this is a song you should check out. His lyric flow is consistent and it doesn’t sound like he just jumbled a few random words that sound good together to compose this song. His lyrics have some weight to it, which is nice.

Fast Tube by Casper

Props to the beats, #namibian producer (@becomingphill) as mentioned on twitter by the artist himself @malkovichmusic.

The video is quite solid! It does not look mediocre at all and it just works with the song. The only criticism I do have on the video is the end, it becomes shaky (which I’m guessing was done for some sort of effect) but its just a little pointless and exaggerated it could have done without it!

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