Album review: Swedish House Mafia, Until Now

Artist: Swedish House Mafia

Album: Until Now

Rating: 9/10


You get two versions of this album, the retail version and the deluxe edition. At first I got the deluxe edition and it took a while for me to actually sit and listen to the complete album. In the deluxe edition some tracks can go up to 6 minutes long and it feels a bit dragged out. Sometimes you have to listen 50 seconds into the track before it picks up pace, but thats nothing that a fast forward button cant fix when it gets too much. The retail version is EPIC! The transition between two tracks are smooth. All the tracks are about 3 minutes long and it has the same tracks as the extended version. My only criticism is that on certain tracks they mixed 3 tracks into 1. 3 very very awesome tracks that you don’t really get to hear, which is a real shame. Therefore my advice, get both!! It is worth getting both cause even though they are pretty much they same, they give u a completely different experience
The deluxe edition: out of 31 tracks 29 tracks are great

Top 10: (sooo difficult to choose 5, so I decided to do 10)
1. Don’t you worry child
2. Euphoria
3. Ladi Dadi
4. Calling
5. Antidote
6. Reload
7. Greyhound
8. Atom
9. The Wave
10. Three triangles

Keep on rocking to the beat!!