Apps: Predictive Typer

Another excellent addition to the dynamic pool of apps on the Apple App store. The developer must have used some juju on this one because the app really does predict what you’re going to type and it does it very well.

Predictive Typer!


Why choose this? I mean there is auto correct, well, like mentioned before, it makes for more efficient and faster typing. This kind of typing experience grows on you and with time you start to appreciate the small differences and improvements the app provides.

“I like the fact that I don’t have to deal with red-underlined words when writing in my native language, which is not English. i like the simplicity of the User Interface and how it rapidly and almost perfectly predicts words. the only thing I noticed about this app besides it having the most widely used words on a daily basis it doesn’t have most countries’ names, not even America nor does it have the most common English names. I suggest the developer adds capitalized country names and common names like Nicole. it’s really an awesome app, worth the 2 bucks. I compose my important emails, letters and documents with this app.” – Tangeni

Predictive Typer InterfaceIts not all sunshine and rainbows though, the app does have its short comings, for instance instead of it to being integrated with standard apps such as messages and email, one has to load the app in order to send emails and texts, which adds a whole level of complication for the simple ios user. I wonder if an Android version is a foot? I myself do not fancy the standard Android keyboard, its always very difficult to find a good enough substitute with the write predictive dictionary, never the less this app is amazing, bravo Danijel!

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