The Microsoft tablet, could this be the new new iPad?

Apple’s iPad is by far the “it” thing to have when it comes to corporate mobile computing and well, tablet computing all together. RIM’s black berry play book is a good idea but it doesn’t really make the user sizzle with excitement, the same thing goes for the Acer iConia and well most other tablets out there, a lot of them are cheap, poorly built devices pushed through productions just so the company can make a buck out of this growing market.

Its seems however that Apple has reason for concern now because Microsoft, the king of computer software (there is no doubting this) is rolling out their very own tablet with it’s new “modernized” operating system Windows 8. Well, the Microsoft tablet comes with a special tablet version of Windows 8, but non-the-less, its windows on a tablet! and may I remind you that most of the mules that buy these gadgets (at least where I’m from) are the kind of people that don’t under stand information technology that well and have a lot of difficulty working with cloud systems such as iCloud, what Microsoft is offering here is something that’ll let these mules take their desktop and laptop computers to a whole other dimension, so in short, I think, what Microsoft has done here is reinvent the iPad…

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