Apps: Shazam!

Have you ever been in this situation, you’re at a bar or restaurant, the music is very faint but you can hear the tune and/or lyrics. The song sounds familiar but you cant quite figure out what the title was or who the artist may be? well, theres an app for that!

SHAZAM! yes, its actually called shazam. This app is amazing, why? well, it listens to what ever tone or song playing in the background and is then able to determine who the artist is, what the song’s title is, and best of all it proves you with a link to download the song and/or album (itunes).

The UI on iOS looks like this:

Shazam is availble on the following systems:

  • – iPhone / iPod / iPad
  • – Android
  • – Black Berry
  • – Nokia
  • – Windows Phone


Image source & More info on shazam :


Official website:

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