Social change due to social networks

Social networking, I think it is safe to say that social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google plus have taken over a great number of traditional social activities and traditions.


 Facebook Stalkers

There is no avoiding it; Facebook stalking is another trend that lets face it, most of the Facebook users I know stalk each other, not the creepy kind of stalking you find you find on crazy you tube videos, but light stalking. Picture this, you meet someone at a get-together and you’d like to add them on Facebook or follow them on twitter, you do so, and once that friend request has been accepted — the stalking begins, you go through their friends list and mutual friends-list, you go through photos, notes anything you might find interesting on their time line. This process normally talks a few minutes or hours if you are still using EDGE (hee he), if it drags on for any longer than that then we get into stalker mode, I don’t have much info on that, Google it.

Fast Tube by Casper

The urban dictionary defines Facebook stalker as “A person who had way too much time on their hands, basically someone who has no better life except to look at others profiles and be jealous or want to have their lives.”