Naway – The free IP enabled DVR monitor App for iphone

Naway is a free  iPhone App that was developed by  zhiwei Zhang, this App enables the user to connect wirelessly (of course) to an IP enabled CCTV Embedded DVR. I recommend Naway simply because it works, and it works well!

Naway settings interface

Naway boot screen

Naway boot screen

Why choose Naway? 

Naway is very user friendly, so the average Joe will not find it difficult to connect their iPhone to their embedded DVR.  the interface allows you to enter the DVR  host name or IP address for when you are within a WIFI network or even via 3G, provided that your DVR is connected to the internet and that your internet connection is using a static IP address.  Keep in mind that Naway is a free application!


Naway App interface

   Additional features?– Allows you to switch through different cameras, i.e. not locked to one camera.- Currently supports up to 16 cameras (DVR channels).- Supports user-less and/or password-less login.- Users can rotate, pan, tile and zoom if the camera supports PTZ.- Full screen mode for individual or multiple cameras.

– Allows users to take snap shots which saves to camera roll.

– Enhance and set camera focus.

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If you have an iPhone and CCTV camera system at home or at the office, I recommend  that you get this app right away!