Why robotics is the answer to creating a man made eden Part 1

The purpose of computing is to create devices with our knowledge which can perform our tasks so that we don’t have to. We all want to live in a utopia; the only way to do this is to remove competition. By removing competition, we remove the need to have a competitive edge over another individual. Removing this need for superiority, will in-turn remove the need to cheat/become the most profitable, but profitability is a good thing? It is a good thing if we become profitable without the cost of reducing your fellow human being’s standard of living. Capitalism forces one to pay the least amount of money (profit inclusive) for a good or service. This only benefits the entire society if the market is saturated with that good or service. E.g.: there are employee market is saturated; hence employers pay the minimum cost to keep them. An organization needs specialists when they need a competitive edge. These specialists can demand exorbitant salaries because the market for specialists is not saturated. Once this market is saturated, the nature of capitalism will force salaries down. This means low incomes for employees, and hi profits for employers.


The same goes for employers, if they are more employers, this forces them to increase their workers salaries to stay competitive and scoop up employees. This is the endless cycle we are in today. New specialists emerge, they get higher salaries until their market is saturated (employers are specialists) this then forces all salaries down, decreasing the standard of living.


This happens because, we as humans want some form of compensation for our work, the feeling of i did this, so give me something for it. As we see today, computers are being programed with our knowledge, giving them the ability to do our jobs (computers can calculate financial information, design physical objects and so forth) so that we can improve our standard of living (the less we do, the happier we are). If computers do all of our jobs, we will sit i a world where we did nothing but enjoy our lives, (everything is done for us) as computers will look out for our interest (they are programed to do that, they do things for us so we don’t have to. They are made with our knowledge, which means they respond and in a human manner. ) which we were created for in the first place (god provided everything for us; we just had to live on earth). Computers control robots, which will replace employees and employers as they are computers. This is how advances in computer science will create Eden. More on this in later posts

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  1. Interesting piece, what about new markets? thats one critical piece you have not considered; one market gets saturated and a new one emerges, one important part of the human development is the desire to “one up” ourselves; not all humans are lazy 😉

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