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Ever wondered if your phone could be used as a spy camera tool? whether its security, insurance or you just trying to be naughty 😉 Mobiscope will do the trick…and quite well too!

Why choose Mobiscope over other spy cam applications?

Mobiscope does more than let you spy on people at the beach, it allows you to view publicly available cameras from all over the world, but wait theres more! Mobiscope also allows you to view your own cameras. If you have IP cameras at home or a sophisticated embedded DVR, Mobiscope has a feature that to access those cameras straight from you mobile phone, but theres is a twist. You must have internet access, obviously, to view the cameras from outside you WIFI network.

How it works:

  • You simply download the app from the apple app store or your mobile manufacturer’s equivalent, Links provided below.
  • By default Mobiscope allows you to view international cameras publicly available to all.
  •  You can add your own cameras by selecting the my cameras option at the bottom of the screen, here you can add your IP cameras  to the application’s memory, provided you have WIFI and your phone is WIFI capable.
  • You may also install the desktop application available for windows and mac, this will turn your computer into a home surveillance system; after doing so you can set it up to record on motion or how ever you prefer and whenever you prefer.
  • Once you have installed the Mobiscope desktop client, you can now enable it to share your cameras, with user name and password of course, this will allow you to view your cameras from you mobile phone at anytime and from anywhere, provided that you have unlimited and uncapped internet access on your computer and your phone.

List of supported IP Cameras: 


Have a go and download the free version of Mobiscope and if you like it as much as we do, go ahead and purchase the full version. Remember to leave a comment if you would like some pointers or assistance with this application.

App Download Links: 


Desktop Client Download Links:

Mobiscope MAC Download Link

Mobiscope Windows Download Link 





Mobiscope, copyright SHAPE services.



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