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You’re in Paris, or lets say New York for the first time and you’d like for the folks back home to share that moment, you know, that moment when you’re in time square for the first time, yes, that moment. You could simply send them a picture via what’s app or imessage (pick your poison) but sometimes a photo isn’t enough, so what now? you send a video? no…you’re roaming and that might just add stress to our post vacation bank statement horrors (you know what I’m talking about), so what do you do? Skype? FaceTime? no no no! that is way too much for that type of situation.

Well, occipital probably had a similar scenario (if not then they should have! ) when they thought of introducing 360 Panorama for  iOS and Android devices.

What is it? 

360 Panorama is an app available for Android and iOS that allows you to take 360 degree panoramic photos and stitch them directly from your device.

Why choose 360 over other panorama apps?

360 has an interesting and unique user interface much easier to navigate through than its competing apps, on top of its user friendly interface it allows you to share your 360 panoramas with friends directly from the app, but wait, theres more!  360 allows you to save the panorama image to your camera roll and in its original form so if you have panotour or any other virtual tour application for desktops you can import the image and actually compose a flash version of your 360 panorama photo.


The point of the time square thing is this, you can take a 360 panoramic view of where you are and share it with your friends and to them, it would be as if they were right there next to you…neat :-)



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