10 Things not to do during exam time

Soooo on this side of the globe it’s that much dreaded, HORRIBLE time of the year again… Exam time, UUGGGHHH!!!! Since I’m no Einstein, I’ve tried different study methods, theories, tips, you name it; But to no surprise it didn’t work. This time around I’ve decided to reflect back on the past and see what I have done wrong.

After putting some thought to it I was able to narrow the mistakes and “no nos” if you will to just 10; Here is my list of 10 things you should NOT do during exam season:

  • First things first. If you happen to be reading this, and it is exam time… that right there… that’s my number one. Avoid awesome sites like Fuzzingtonpost.com, because it IS addictive and you WILL spend hours on the net. Because admit it, everything and anything (even reading this article) is better than studying.

  • Don’t sit on your bed while trying to study. It will just make you sleepy; Before you know it, you will be passed out on your books, hoping and prying that to work will diffuse from a high to a low concentration, from your notes to your brain. I can say with full confidence that it doesn’t work, not that I’ve tried it or anything…Cough cough.

  • Do not eat while you’re studying, you will end up concentrating more on what you’re eating than on what you’re reading. Rather eat before or after your study session. Which brigs me to point number 4

  • Don’t over eat when you know that your about to study. A full belly makes for a sleepy student and the probability of point 2 occurring is very high.

  • Don’t trade new movies or series with your friends. The chances of you actually resisting to watch them are ZERO. You’ll start watching during your study breaks and one episode will always turn into 3, Prevention is better than cure.

  • Don’t listen to music while studying, you’ll end up singing along or even worse… midway between your exam you’ll start blasting Ke$ha in your head cause that is the only thing you remember about page 55.

  • Electronics, in all shapes and sizes, are the enemy. Don’t give into their evil ways, if they come close to you take your books and RUUUN!!!

  • Don’t listen to your friends. Somehow we tend to feel more at ease
    when they said they also haven’t started, TRUST NO ONE. They’re probably just saying that to cover their butts in case they do happen to mess up.

  • Don’t leave all your work to the last minute, you’ll just end up confusing yourself trying to remember all the work. Your brain can only take so much.

  • Don’t go home and calculate your results to see if you passed after writing a bad paper. You’ll just end up with a stomach ulcer, let it go and move onto the next one. Like they say there’s no use crying over split milk, right with that being said, let me say good luck to all students about to write their exams. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU and see you on the other