Music for thought

Its weird how music somehow relates to every second of your life…it has the ability to get you out of that crappy mood or to brighten up your spirits! I think starting your day with the perfect song can make the day a little more jolly! So I’ve compiled a list of day breaker songs which also best describes every day of the week.

Day 1, Monday. “No stress” by Laurent Wolf, “I don’t wanna work today, maybe i just wanna stay. Just take it easy cause there’s no stress” lets face it, Monday is just bad news and its the furthest day from the weekend. You might as well for that split second think its as easy as that to stay away from school or work. And then sadly continue brushing your teeth with the ever so therapeutic line “no stress” positivity right??

Day 2, Tuesday. “Points of Authority-99 problems” by Linkin Park and Jay Z “If your having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems and a bit…” ok you get the picture. Well Tuesday is such a random day. I couldn’t really find a song to express Tuesday so I put my ipod on shuffle and this is what came up,  such a hardcore song though. Lets rock on with the week.

Day 3, Wednesday. “Wonderman” by Tinie Tempah. “the strong, the mighty, the forces of evil can never destroy the power of the wonderman” lookey lookey who has survived the week so far:) Wednesday is the halfway mark so you know that the rest of the week will be smooth sailing and that the worst is behind you. You deserve a pat on the back, a sick beat and motivating lyrics on a Wednesday morning.. And Tinie ticks all three boxes!

Day 4, Thursday. “I gotta get through this by Daniel Beddingfield,” yeees one day to go before the epicness of the weekend bestows upon us. Its gonna take a lot to get through this day, so make sure you get a nice motivator and maybe some red bull. It doesn’t matter. All you know is “you gotta make, gotta make it, gotta make it through”…

Day 5, Friday. “Friday” by Rebecca Black, LOL no I’m just kidding. Your supposed to be hyped up, not suicidal so day 5, Friday “Give me everything” by Pitbull ft Neyo. “Grab somebody sexy and say hey, give me everything tonight” well this song just gives me a the urge to start busting a move anywhere and everywhere. It just has this party vibe to it and its a good way to get you in that weekend mood. For all you know, we might not have tomorrow.

Day 6, Saturday. “I need a doctor” by Dr Dre ft Eminem. Rough night? Nuff said…

Day 7, Sunday. “Lazy song” by Bruno Mars, “today i swear i’m not doing anything. I just wanna lay in my bed. Don’t feel like picking up the phone so leave a message at the tone.” this song is the definition on Sunday for me. This is the ultimate relaxation day, so just kick back and chill-ax. Cause we all know whats coming tomorrow :/