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Apple has come a long way from the 90s and this right here is probably why they have managed to stay above the rest. Many may argue that its probably the iPhone or iPad that kept Apple a float and they just as well might be right, but if Apple wasn’t able to support 3rd party applications on iOS I doubt the devices will have as much of an influence as what they have now.

About the App store:

The apps that come with your iPhone are just the beginning. Browse the App Store to find hundreds of thousands more, all designed specifically for iPhone. Which means there’s almost no limit to what your iPhone can do.

The world’s largest collection of mobile apps. The App Store is the ultimate source for mobile apps — 350,000 and counting in practically every category. Many are even free.

Download apps with a tap. Getting apps onto your iPhone couldn’t be simpler. Just find the ones you want, then tap to download them.

Get updates fast. iPhone tells you when new versions of your apps are available. Download the updates one at a time or all at once.

Find more perfect apps. The Genius feature recommends new apps based on ones you already have. Or you can browse best sellers, staff picks, and more

The above quote from the official Apple website sums up quite briefly the wonders of the app store. In a nutshell the Apple app store is a digital application distribution platform for Apple devices namely the iPhone and iPad products. Unlike rival digital distribution services the app store operates in a very unique way, once a user has signed up for the service they are able to download application for their apple devices for free or at a small fee determined by the app developer. How does apple profit from this if the money goes to the developer? Well not all the money goes to the developer, 30% of revenue from the store goes to Apple, and 70% goes to the developer.

Here is a feature video by Apple titled “The story behind the apps”

Fast Tube by Casper

How do I get apps on my iPhone?

Well, this is actually a topic for another post but in short all you need is a good internet connection either via 3G or WIFI, alternatively if you have a PC or MAC, you will need to download and install the latest version of  itunes (found here) and there buy download applications straight from the app store within the itunes store. No need to create another account as your Apple ID is all you need.

So why is the app store such an important application?

The app store is light years ahead of the competition; There have been several attempts by rival companies to come up with an app distribution service as good or better that the Apple app store, but none have yet to make a lasting impression. Currently there are roughly 350 000 apps available for download on the apps store, the closest rival app store boasts roughly 20 000; to mention a few one would have to start with the Android Market place by Google and The BB App World by RIM (for Black Berry devices) then we have the Ovi Store by Nokia but that is another post on its own.


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  1. I think is good but iPhone expensive, Android cheap on many difference manufacturer like motorola and htc

    • I like it because its very organised, you get what you pay more most of the time, I would switch over to android Dartan, maybe Windows Phone 7 I hear nokia is thinking about moving over, why dont you guys run a piece on that ???

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